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Swingotilt®, Rototilt, Tiltrotator etc… Yes, beloved children have many names, but the fact is that this hydraulic tool for excavators and backhoe loaders is more the rule than the exception these days on most of the machines at workplaces and construction sites around Scandinavia.

A quality tool

Swingotilt® was developed from the normal Rotator, and the first Swingotilts were delivered in the middle of the 1980s with the designations SW1, SW2 etc. It was at the end of the 1980s that it took off and interest grew in Swingotilt® as a working tool. From that time to the present day the product has been continuously developed and it is now an advanced tool of high quality

We at SMP Parts AB call these the ST models, which is an abbreviation of Swingo-Tilt

Simplifies work

Swingotilt® functions like a ball joint between the excavator’s point and an attached tool, for example, a bucket, and makes it easy to pass obstacles, and simplifies moving heaps, planing, lifting etc. It means that the need to reposition and for manual assistance is radically reduced. It is only the driver’s imagination that limits what Swingotilt® can be used for. In addition, safety is improved not only for the driver but for everyone around the excavator.

Advanced control system

Swingotilt® is equipped with an advanced and integrated control system, which makes endless rotation and tilting of up to 40° in each direction possible. This is done by the driver from the cab using buttons integrated in the normal operating levers. The control system is adapted for 12/24 volts, and suitable for all machines on the market. As an extra option a proportional control system is available, where the tilt and rotation speed are controlled steplessly via rollers integrated in the machine’s control levers. Integrated grab modules are available as an option on Swingotilt models ST6–ST10, ST15, ST22 and ST28. Swingotilt® is supplied complete with hydraulic hoses, hydraulic connections, wiring and installation manual.


SMP Parts AB has many years of experience manufacturing durable and reliable quick couplers for the market’s most popular models, including SMP’s own patented Quick Coupler.

All models are designed and manufactured to be able to handle big loads in tough environments, which means a long life and increased efficiency; in other words, overall improved cost efficiency. SMP has also created a solid database with technical information on excavators and their features, attachment methods, etc., which means that each coupler is unique for each excavator and model.


SMP Parts AB is a company with many years in bucket producing. All buckets are designed for the hard and rough climate in Scandinavia. The design has improved during the years and it is a result of good cooperation and communication with the customers. All buckets are produced of High Quality material such as Hardox 400/450 etc.

All buckets shown on this site are in SMP-standard. SMP can also produce special buckets/custom designed buckets for special work/arrangements. All special designed buckets will be produced from an offert.


SMP Parts AB is a producer of all kind of equipment and working tools for excavators between 1 and 50 tonnes. All products are produced in High-Quality material, and they are all designed especially for the hard conditions in Scandinavia.