Repairing excavating and other special vehicles.

Renewal of crawler track base mounting.

The base mounting undergoes heavy load, especially in crawler excavating machines. Both base mounting elements and the entire mounting are often to be changed. Since we offer crawler track base mounting parts that are always available – crawler wheels, tracks, idlers and others, you can always rely on our professional assistance.

Overhaul of excavator bridges.

The base mounting and bridges are the most wear-prone parts, and without timely maintenance, they may cause a serious breakdown. Our company specialized on excavating machines and having all required equipment and parts overhauls excavator bridges and base mounting (involving changing and renewal of units and elements), providing guarantee and professional services.

Repairing hydraulic units and assemblies of excavating machines.

Excavator hydraulics, experiencing heavy loads in use, can cause serious breakdown if not serviced in timely manner or because of using poor-quality filters, oils or due to other factors. Such a breakdown necessitates serious overhauling of hydraulic units – such as fluid-power motors, pumps and distributive valves – that should be performed by professionals.

Diagnostics, adjustment of the excavator hydraulic systems.

Diagnostics and adjustment of the hydraulic systems is one of the services for excavator repairs. This involves complex measures to normalize operation of hydraulic units – such as fluid-power motors, cylinders, distributive valves and other elements. To have this all done professionally, please feel free to contact our company.

Maintenance of excavating machinery.

Excavating machines should undergo routine maintenance, involving many repairing and troubleshooting operations.